About the Program

The music program at Concord High School is a vibrant and diverse department, offering students a rich array of opportunities to explore and develop their musical talents. The program features five main ensembles, each providing unique experiences and challenges.

Marching Band: This dynamic ensemble is the pride of the school, known for its electrifying performances at football games, school rallies, parades, and competitions. Students in the marching band learn complex choreography and precision drills, combining their musical skills with synchronized marching. The band performs a variety of music, from contemporary pop hits to traditional marches, and often collaborates with the color guard to create visually stunning shows.

Symphonic Band: The symphonic band offers students the chance to perform a wide range of wind band literature. From classical compositions to modern works, the symphonic band focuses on developing technical proficiency, musicality, and ensemble skills. Students in this ensemble participate in concerts, festivals, and adjudicated events, showcasing their talent and dedication to the art of music.

Jazz Band: The award winning jazz bands provide students with an opportunity to delve into the world of jazz, exploring styles such as swing, bebop, Latin, and funk. Emphasis is placed on improvisation, jazz theory, and the historical context of the genre. The jazz bands perform at school concerts, community events, jazz festivals and the historic Yoshi’s Jazz Club in Oakland, California. In jazz, students can showcase their phenomenal skills and enjoy the spontaneous, creative nature of jazz music.

String Orchestra: The string orchestra offers students the chance to refine their skills on violin, viola, cello, and bass while performing a diverse repertoire that spans from Baroque masterpieces to contemporary compositions. The ensemble emphasizes technical excellence, musical interpretation, and ensemble cohesion. String orchestra students participate in concerts, festivals, and community performances, bringing the beauty of string music to a wide audience.

Color Guard: The color guard is an integral part of the marching band, adding visual flair and artistry to the performances. Members of the color guard learn to handle equipment such as flags and rifles, incorporating dance and theatrical elements into their routines. The color guard performs with the marching band at games, community events and competitions, and also participates in indoor guard events during the off-season, where they develop intricate, expressive routines.

Together, these ensembles create a comprehensive and inclusive music program that nurtures students’ musical growth, fosters teamwork and discipline, and instills a lifelong appreciation for the arts. The music program at Concord High School is a testament to the transformative power of music education, offering students unforgettable experiences and opportunities for personal and artistic development.