Uniforms and Performance Attire

Minutemen uniforms are paid for and loaned to you by the Boosters. Please take good care of your uniform so that it remains in excellent condition for many years.

We are scored on our appearance. Uniforms are inspected before every review. Please follow these rules:

  • Students are responsible for keeping their uniforms clean and safe.
  • Your uniform needs to be dry-cleaned several times a season. (This does not mean after each review).
  • Jabots (neckwear) do need to be dry cleaned after each performance.
  • Uniforms will travel to and from performances in the program’s uniform trailer.

After each performance do the following:

  • Bring your uniform home in its garment bag.
  • Look your uniform over carefully. If it looks clean and fresh, hang it neatly in the garment bag.
  • Check all embellishments (buttons, etc.) to make sure they are intact.
  • Hang your uniform in the garment bag on the wooden suit hanger provided. (No plastic or wire hangers; they cannot properly hold the weight of the uniform).
  • Please check that your uniform is hanging on the hanger correctly. Uniforms shift around and fall off the hangers during transporting and will easily wrinkle.
  • Unzip your the garment bag to let the uniform breathe.
  • Steam or press out wrinkles. Use irons cautiously at a medium heat and with a cloth/towel over the uniform to protect it from scorching. The dry cleaners can do this for you.

Please make sure you have all the required pieces of your uniform together. 

Uniform Checklist

Supplied by the Program
  • Hat (This is kept at school.)
  • Coat and Vest
  • Jabot
  • Pants
  • Instrument
  • Program T-shirt
  • Garment Bag
Supplied by each MB member
  • White Shoes
  • White T-shirt
  • Black Shorts
  • White Crew Socks
  • Neck strap (Sax players only)
  • Program Jacket


  • Do not make any alterations to the uniforms. We will let students know if the pants length needs to be adjusted. Do not cut the uniform fabric or apply iron-on tape (Stitch Witchery).

Student Uniform Care Sheet

Uniform Cleaning and Hemming

CHS Band members get a special $20 rate for uniform dry cleaning from:

Blessed Cleaners

4691 Clayton Rd. (in the T.J. Maxx shopping center)

7am to 7pm M-F / 8am to 5pm Sat. / 925-685-3371

Please allow a few days for dry cleaning. Be sure to pick it up by the Friday before a weekend performance!

If you have any questions, or your uniform needs repairs/alterations, ask Mrs. Hoff (925) 219-6163 or Mrs. Cherene (925) 381-0477! Or email chsimb.uniform@gmail.com.